Stress has  become a chronic problem in all our lives. Stress is destroying us like slow poison and has taken a toll on everything we do. Headache, fatigue, mood swings, depression , anxiety ! Aren’t we all going through this ?

Our modern day lives are such that we hardly get time to do anything about our stress level. It keeps swallowing us and we give in because of lack of time.

Here are some tips that will help you to manage your stress :

Healthy Diet 

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A healthy and balanced diet is very important for a healthy mind. Proper nutrition are important to maintain a high energy level.Hence, Right food at the right time can do wonders to your body. Drink Loads of water and avoid caffeine and packaged food.

Green Tea

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Green tea helps in reducing stress, encourage relaxation and helps in maintaining mental alertness. it has a soothing effect in your body. Leftover green tea bags soaked with water are very effective when applied over your eyes . It is definitely a stress reliever!


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Exercise is the best thing to do when in stress, whether its moderate intensity exercises like yoga or high intensity cardio or weight training. Any form of exercise helps in producing happy hormones, which further helps in reducing the negative energy and uplifts your mood.


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Music is one of the best stress buster . Music helps in relaxing the nerves and reduces tension by setting up the right mood. It is often suggested to people with High Blood pressure to listen to music to keep there pressure in control. Music always helps !


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Body massage always works as a stress reliever. A hot body massage is rejuvenating and helps to relax the tense muscles. It increases the body’s positive energy and calms your down. Body Massage is never a bad idea in a bad day !