Who doesn’t love a plate of flavorful biryani? It’s aromatic, it’s heavenly and one of the most loved delicacies not just in India but across the globe.

Lucknow being the city of Nawabs has biryani as one of the traditional dishes. The biryani restaurants in Lucknow offers the best quality biryani along with firni and raita to its customers. The biryani here is prepared with the traditional method as It was prepared during the times of Nawabs. if you are planning a trip to Lucknow then you must definitely try the taste of biryani. So here are the best 5 places to have biryani.

Wahid Biryani

If you are an absolute biryani lover then Wahid Biryani is your stop. This place serves an array of tongue tickling biryani which is absolutely amazing in taste and in quality too. Chicken and mutton biryani are the must try dishes of this place. The ambiance is casual with comfortable seating arrangement and quick staff providing their best service. If biryani satiates you like nothing else, if Biryani is the one-stop-shop for all your food needs… look no further

Lalla  Biryani

Lalla Biryani is another excellent food joint take away. lalla biryani’s famous lalla ki biryani of chaupatiya will actually tickle your taste buds. Lalla’s  Biryani at Chowpattian Chowk, is where you should be heading if you want to lay your hands on a colourful plate of piping hot biryani.

Mashi Biryani World

This restaurant eves good quality food and prices are affordable too. This restaurant have a large varieties of biryani like hyderabadi veg and paneer dum biryani, awadh mutton biryani etc. you all should  give a visit to this place if you want to try out a large varieties of biryani.

Zeeshan Biryani Corner

This is largely a take-away joint. Actually the area thrives in many such small and medium restaurants selling varieties of delicacies based on Kebabs and Biryanis. Mostly take-aways, few has places to sit and dine. Nice and bright location, great-to-be in evening time with family.

New Lazeez Biryani Centre

This place in lucknow is pocket friendly and provides good quality of rice. Good place to have lucknowi biryani, you all must try out the mouth watering mutton biryani of this shop. Biryani over here is purely authentic.