Rolls are Kolkata’s asset.Rolls are delicious in taste, filling and pocket friendly food.  It originated in Kolkata in the early 30s and since then it is the king of all fast foods.We swear by our rolls, don’t we?

If you are a Roll lover, you can’t afford to miss these 5 places

Kusum Rolls

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This legendary outlet located in the prime location of Park Street is a paradise for roll lovers. Kusum serves a huge variety of rolls such as chicken cheese roll,paneer roll, kaathi roll, mutton roll . They use different variety of sauce in their rolls and that is what makes them different from others. The rolls here are pocket friendly. If you at Kusum rolls, DO NOT forget to try their double egg double chicken roll and paneer cheese roll.


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Nizam a legendary restaurant located in the busy streets Near New market was the pioneer in rolls. Nizam’s as the name of the restaurant indicates Granduar, so is the rolls they serve. What makes their rolls different from others are that they don’t use sauce in the rolls. Crispy fried paranthan ,juicy fillings whether its vegetarian or nonevgetarian , onion & capsicum chunks and your roll is served. Their Chicken / mutton kebab rolls are a must try !


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This small takeaway outlet is located in new alipore and serves 24 different varieties of rolls. Rolls like Paneer Roll, Aloo Roll, Potato Roll, Egg Chicken Roll, Mashed Potato roll are served here. The rolls range from Rs.40 to Rs.150 If you are in new alipore you must visit Anamika to satiate your junk food cravings.

Golden Spoon

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Located in park street this place is a trendsetter for kebab rolls. The rolls here are made out of a very soft melt in mouth dough knead. They are large in size, fresh, hygienic and filling. The prices of the rolls are slightly on the higher side, but it is completely worth it.There Chicken reshmi kebab and chicken tikka kebab rolls are to die for !


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Located in Park circus, near 7 point crossing, Zeeshan is famous for their rolls and biryani. This restaurant has a small takeaway counter in the front which is always crowded by people to buy rolls. From simple chicken to double mutton roll, their long list of rolls is sure to make you hungry.Their double chicken double egg roll is highly recommended.