The best way to go about shopping is to learn the art of fruitful bargaining, the art of saving and spending in a balanced method to enjoy the most of your tight budget shopping. Though there are many times wherein you can go wrong in your way of handling a bargain at your end, it’s always a tightrope you’re walking on, so it needs to stretch in the right manner!
In Mumbai, nothing is bought at fixed rates because nothing here is fixed at all. Excluding the malls, of course, we have plentiful of streets lined up with various products and stuff that can be bought at the half budget rates! But you as a buyer have to be smart and cautious of the same, be more confident on your end and stick to the prices you want the products to be on. And never show that desperation to buy out the product, its never a good sign for your end of the bargain. So here are some tip-offs to make yourself the master of the streets of Mumbai shopping especially when it’s the biggest shopping street in Mumbai, the Colaba Causeway! Where nothing is amiss, and everything can be bargained and bought, even when you really don’t need them!
1) Ensure yourself that you’re always right!
Never deem the prices you set forth as short or wrong, ensure the product lasts the value you shell out for it. That’s the first art of bargaining, the instinct of the right price, the price that makes you happy and still manages to profit the seller. Always remember that you don’t simply walk up to the vendor and start talking. You have to tangle him into a sort of conversation that doesn’t give out too much ignorance either desperation. Finally, play your trump card!

2) Don’t trust the first price!
You have to be confident considering the fact that maybe you dont know anything about the market but that shouldn’t deter you from believing that your price isn’t worth it, and that what price the seller turns to you with is actually the right one. You’re not going to fooled by them, hawkers, you will not be charmed by their ways of attracting customers, its ‘You’ who should set forth the price and walk away with the victory in the end.

3) Know the value!
If the product is lasting, good for you, but if its not then please dont invest too much capital on the same. Make sure to know the value and the shelf life of the product you plan to buy.

4) Not everything is needed and wanted!
Know what exactly your needs and wants are, only buy things you need and would use in reality. The sellers and hawkers at causeway are beautifully skilled at the art of selling out not so useful products in a matter of moments. So stay calm and peacefully decide what you want from that plethora of products.

5) Totally dig the low-cost shops!
It’s a chance that comes once in a million times, the low-cost shops are the living dream of any shopaholic, it’s absolutely important that you do a thorough search of these shops and if you can mostly get all that you need from them. It’s going to cost you half the time and half the price.
Make it economical, profitable, and absolutely trendy.

Make it the best bargaining experience and shop to your heart’s content on this God of the streets shopping in Mumbai, Colaba Causeway!