Fashion is the very thing, every girl literally lives on. From being classy to sassy, girls are breathing fashion nowadays. Following the trend, men are not much behind. Today, even men are fashion conscious. They have their own trends and styles to be followed.

2017 has been good, so far. The awesome fashion trends that are making noise is surely hard to follow. Thank us later, we got you all, a pretty sorted 6 best trends list of 2017 so far. Do not doubt, just check out the list here:

1.The Trendy Pom – Pom

The pom-pom fashion is very much in. From bordering your favorite top to earrings, we get those colorful balls added to our look. The pom-pom magic pretty much works with any western as well as ethnic outfits. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you sure must do.

2.The Indo-Western gowns 

The Indo-western gowns are a go-to thing for any girl. From wearing them for Sunday brunch or wedding or any office meeting, they are just the right pair of outfit for any occasion. Currently, they are ruling every fashionista’s closet. One piece is a must. Get your hands on one if you haven’t already.

3.Bohemian Touch 

Bohemian fashion has been the most favorite thing out of all. From wearing them at parties to beaches, we can literally nail the casual look like a pro without going overboard with fashion. A pool party or just a casual movie date, bohemian dresses, jackets and tops are a savior in disguise. This one surely belongs to every fashion conscious woman.

4.Color those eyes

Applying a deep Kajal is no longer a trend. It is all about highlighting your eyes. We have seen how colors are taking over this year. From bright hues to red and pink, we are seeing more of those vibrant colors. With a simple outfit, a colored eyeshadow works like magic. Also, take a cue from Deepika Padukone’s look at Cannes. She totally rocked the entire green eye shadow look with grace and style.

5.Lip Colors That Pop Out 

Lip colors are no longer about red or pink. We are seeing new trends. From applying two different colors on the upper and lower lip to adding glitters on the lips. The trend is all about making your lips shine out on your entire face. We totally endorse this trend since lips and eyes are those two features that speak the most on your face.

6.Shirt Dress 

While we were just living on the idea that our office look totally depends on different shirts, the shirt dress makes a grand entry. They are blessing in disguise for those very girls who hate monotonous fashion. Office outfits are the toughest part of any girl’s schedule and these shirt dresses are super comfy plus fashionable. Need any more reasons? Add one in your closet for sure.

We hope, we could help you narrow down your fashion choices for the year. Get yourself going and up your style game.