6 Places You cannot miss in Connaught place – Delhi


Farzi café

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Farzi café located in Connaught place is a modern Indian Café which serves Indian food in gourmet style. It follows cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy. Good music, lively ambiance, Great Indian food, a Huge bar counter and friendly staff. This place is a must visit if you are a gourmet food lover !
What you should not miss? : Keema Parathan
Cost for two – 2200 approx
United coffee house

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United Coffee House has a soothing, peaceful ambiance and gives you a feel of Old British times. From large variety of exclusive coffee to snacks and main course, this place serves it all. If you are visiting this place be ready to dig a hole in your pocket. The European fare is amongst the best in the city. If you are in Delhi, this place is a must visit !
What you should not miss ? – Chicken Pepper steak, Mezze Platter, Tomato fish
Cost for two – 2000 Approx
Pandey’s Paan

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This legendary Paan shop have varieties like strawberry, raspberry, banana, chocolate , blueberry and many more. You name a berry and they have it. The Paan will melt in your mouth and will give you a feeling of ecstasy .Once you try there Paan, You are definitely going to come back.

What you should not miss? : Chocolate Paan & Butterscotch Paan
Cost for two – 100
Lord of the drinks

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This place has a lot to offer, the decor is rustic and has medieval time themed interiors, large seating space, live music, bar, a large variety of European , Indian and Italian food. This place is decently priced, You must visit this place for a perfect Saturday evening
What you should not miss ? : Peri Peri Chicken
Cost for two – 2200 spprox

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You will get a sweet aroma as you enter this shop. One of the best pastry shops in Delhi. This place has a huge variety of cakes and savories. If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is your place to be!
What You should not miss ? : Fish & Chips, Mutton Shammi, Plum Cake

cost for two – 450 approx
Khan Chacha

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This is Undoubtedly the best roll shop in Delhi. The succulent chicken and mutton rolls offered by khan chacha is the secret behind its huge popularity. The range of rolls is worth a try. The taste of dishes successfully manages to give you the authentic mughlai flavor which very few non veg serving eateries can do.
What you cannot miss? Chicken tikka roll & Mutton seekh roll
Cost for two – 650 approx