People are always different from one another, but in any country we always see a similar kind of backdrop to their stories, a similar outlook to all things, alien. But that’s not the case with India, its a country with diverse groups of origin, ethnicity and taste and habits all sumed uo as cultural diversity. This diversity makes them different from one another in just one nation altogether. We cannot talk about all of them, ofcourse, but we are definitely going to list some traits that make this particular set people different from other Indians, all due to the place they belong to.
So, here’s some very distinct traits of each true hearted Bengali from Kolkata, that you wont much find in any other:

1) They are welcoming!
Even if they have just known you, they will instantly make you feel comfortable and secure with their usual bright and charming disposition.

2) They are free and liberal thinking people!
Unlike any other, Bengalis love with sgeer acceptance and are open to all kinds of thoughts and opinions. They take what the world gives them and make it their own.

3) They have rare qualities!
Something that most lack these days, they are most kind and good hearted, they love helping others and being generously kind and empathetic. That’s why most of them are either doctors or lawyers.

4) They are witty, sharp and intelligent!
One by one, you will come to know their interesting qualities, they are observant and sharp, they are witty with their humor and absolutely intelligent in their talks. Its a quality you can say they learn in their breeding days.

5) They have unconditional love for their food, special chaa and spicy adaa!
Yes, a talk with a Bengali, an argument or a debate in all these you will never get ahead of a Bengali. They love their chanachur and their special teas teamed up with spicy hot talks and debates on various topics, even gossips.

6) They are unconditional book lovers!
If you need to believe in books being thy best friend, well meet a Bengali and definitely see their stash of books kept in their closet cupboard. They literally live to read books, and its pretty natural.

7) They are culturally rich and profound!
There is nothing as good as being an all rounder, there nothing that they can’t do. Once they put their mind into it and get a hang of something they will excel it. Its one of their charms, they can manage to be good in anything from singing to dancing to painting and studies. This goes well for their nature as well, they can be anything you want them to be from dorky to rocking!

8) Their self criticism and their trust-worthiness!
They can be trusted with absolutely anything, that’s one thing they never break intentionally, maybe because they have a strong sense of moral judgement, excluding politicians. They are proud of their talents and achievements but they are also their most harshest self-critics, there is no one who can criticize themselves as harshly as them and still continue to be the best!

Well, here’s some insight on a Bengali’s traits. They are definitely a unique set of people!