8th day can be easily called a Coffee Lover’s paradise with its interesting menu filled with adequate coffee, tea, sides and everything you need to have a happy and relaxed time. Far from the loud streets and the honking of traffic, this place provides a calm place to relax from the continuous stress.
Located at walking distance from the Bangladesh High Commission at Park Circus, this place this place takes you away from the noise into a calm and quiet environment.
A very simple ambiance designed with the aim to provide a relaxing environment. This place is well decorated with large whitewashed walls and huge drapes with beautiful furniture. They also put up great art for sale. This place is also filled with board games to help friends to have something more than just food on the table.
Foods to look forward to:
The food at the place will make you come again. With a well composed menu with items just enough, this place serves Coffee, Tea, Sandwich, Pie, cupcakes, cookies and much more.
Nitrogen Coffee & Red Velvet:
Their latest addition to the list is really intriguing, NITRO COFFEE. It is the third place in India to be serving the dish. Nitro Coffee is basically a Nitrogen Infused cold coffee. Infusing the coffee with Nitrogen not only adds to the taste but also gives it a frothy and a smooth texture.
Another interesting addition to their menu is the Red Velvet, a thick shake that is as wonderful to look at, as is its taste. Its a cold coffee with ingredients including milk, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter. Other interesting dishes include Signature Cinnamon roll, Traditional Apple Pie and much more to look out for.
With helpful and polite staffs, the service is one of the finest in the city. The staff was courteous and the service was quick. You wil not be disappointed withthem.