A gift of heritage from the English men has been this tram we are still trying to save. Kolkata is known as the city of joy, justifying the name with every heritage it holds. No other city in India runs a tram but Kolkata does which makes the city a center of attraction to the people from all over the country.

Such varied travel options can only be found in the city of joy, letting you relish the taste of heritage in every way this city holds.

Heading to esplanade and you are at Shyambazar , enough time to enjoy the base roots of the city, catch hold of a tram and enjoy your favorite music while eye feasting the streets of Kolkata.

INR 5 is the minimum fare for a tram ride and INR 10 to the last destination from the start. What more can you ask for or rather dream off in a metro city! It is as low as possible compared to public bus ride at the capital.

Kolkata is the city for both rich and poor and these totally explains well off. Life here is to cherish with every step you take, may it be food, travel or shopping.

Esplanade to Khidderpore through Maidan , this route travelled by tram is the ultimate. The lush green Maidan, The Victoria Memorial all together it’s a picturesque that you perhaps will feel to be your day dream.

Tram rides are a must once you are in the city and be ready to model yourself as you photograph the heritage ride.