Kolkata is known for it’s rich culture and heritage. Eminent personalities like Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray, Raja Ram Mohan Roy to name a few, all hail from this land of Kolkata which is gifted with a rich culture. People here associate with reading books more often. For all the book lovers we bring to you a list of Kolkata’s best bookstores that you might like to visit.

1. Oxford Bookstore.

Oxford in one of the oldest bookstore in Kolkata located in the heart of city in Park Street. This places is mostly visited by the nearby college goers. Oxford bookstore has a wide collection of books from classics, fiction, non-fiction, children’s corner, they have it all. Oxford not only keep their own published books but books of other publishers too. They also have an annual book sale when they sale their books at a much lower rate.


2. Seagull Bookstore.

Seagull bookstore has a vintage and silent environment typically meant for the book lovers. Most of their books are non fiction. Seagull Bookstore is also a publishing house. They also have the annual sale during which you can get the books at best prices.


3. Starmark.


Starmark has many branches across the city. Starmark has one of the best collection of books. They keep all the best sellers. The variety ranges from fiction, non fiction, classic, sports, fashion to name a few. Books of almost all Indian authors and foreign authors are available here. Starmark not only keep books but also stationery items, toys, CDs etc. Starmark is an all rounder store to visit with kids.


4. Crossword Bookstore.

Crosswords bookstores have more than one branches in Kolkata. They are a famous bookstore brand throughout India and has branches in many cities across the country. Crossword bookstore is a place for people seeking knowledge. They have books for every section. Crossword Bookstores also has CDs, toys, stationery items, magazines in their stores.