Love to watch your favorite dancer’s exotic moves, it’s time to create yours and get in to the competition!

  1. Step Art Dance Academy

Step Art Dance Academy was founded in 2005 by Choreographer Mr. Mukesh Sah. It has its one and only state-of-the-art campus of the country exclusively here in Siliguri. Events – Mr. Mukesh Sah, the Choreographer and director of Step Art Dance Academy has performed glamorously for Red FM . And also performed with Raghav, Prince Gupta, Salman Khan the great dancers of India. Mr. Mukesh Sah has also performed as Choreographer in Bengali Album named “Janina Keno” and “Jhara Pata”.

They specialize in Bollywood and hip hop style of dance art.

Location: Burdwan Road, Ganga Nagar

  1. Alive Devil Dance Academy ( ADDA)

Registered under govt. of West Bengal, it is one of the top notch dance academies of North Bengal, declared by RAJEEV SURTI DANCE FACTORY. Rajeev Surti has been the Judge of DANCE INDIA DANCE & Choreographer of BOLLYWOOD.

ADDA is available for Corporate Events, Weddings, Campus Events, Charity Events, Private Parties.

Location: Near Shani Mandir, Nazrul Sarani, Ashrampara

  1. Rhythm Dance Academy

Rhythm Dance Academy is one of the India’s most influential dance training and educational organizations. Their motto is to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally. Rhythm Dance Academy seeks to accomplish this through promoting dance, educating and training

Location: Vidya Sagar Road, Khalpara

  1. Gurukul Activity Centre

Gurukul Activity Centre Pvt Ltd. started its operation on November 14, 2009 with its first cente at Baguihati, Kolkata. Soon it became a unique concept to provide essential and quality service in the field of education and entertainment. Gurukul is an ultra modern, one of its kind, hi-tech international learning center offering different career and lifestyle oriented activities accentuating on the all-round progress of students.

Dance stands as one of the most important forms of entertainment.

Location: S F Road, Station Feeder Road


  1. Alive Devil Dance Academy Branch Studio

Branch of the ADDA( Alive Devil Dance Academy ) is a studio for different dance forms that make the music live in you .

Transforming your regular steps into a dance form, is what ADDA makes a target on.

Location: S.F behind, Fire Brigade Rd