Lucknow has been a city of relishing delight and here is the list of fascinating heritage sites and monuments in the city that will enrich your love for the city.

  1. Bada Imambara

One of the earliest building , formally known as the Imambara-e-Asafi in honor and largest one constructed by Nawab Asaf-Ud-Daulah was the Bara Imambara. It provides employment to nearly 22,000 people at a time.

It took six years and nearly a crore of rupees to complete the legendary Bhool Bhulaiya that was designed and planned by the architect Kifait-ullah from Delhi, then known as Shahjahanabad. The architecture in the Indo-Sarcenic style has a harmonious blend of Moghul and Rajput features.

 2. Asafi Masjid

 Aasafi Masjid is synonymous with symbolizing Lucknow as it stands as the cover page of several books and magazines highlighting the city of Nawabs. Asafi Masjid was one of the first of the grand buildings constructed by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah .

3. Dilkusha Palace

 The Dilkusha Kothi was originally a three storied structure with a part basement. It had four ornamental octagonal towers with glazed pottery tops. The entrance was through an imposing flight of steps that led to a central doorway beneath a portico supported by tall pillars as high as the roof of the second storey.

4. Imambara of Moghul Saheba

Situated in Wazir Bagh in the old city, beyond the Dargah of Hazrat Abbas in Rustam Nagar, few people appear to have visited it. However, those who have not seen it are unlucky to have missed such beautiful ornamentation in architecture, the splendour of which is bound to dazzle.

5. Musa Bagh

The fifth Nawab of Awadh, SaadatAli Khan (1798-1814) following the pattern of the French General, Claude Martin, in his buildings on the banks of the river Gomti, on the eastern side of the city (now the La Martiniere College for Boys) and Farhat Bakhsh, his town house (later known as Chhatar Manzil), also built an Indo-European style building on the river-bank at Musa Bagh, at the west end of the city.