Hazratganj , popularly known as “Ganj”got its name in 1842. After the First War of Independence in 1857, the British took over the city of Lucknow and Hazratganj was modeled after Queen Street in London.

 To mark 200 years of its existence, In January 2011,  Hazratganj stepped back in time and a plan to decongest the  area was drawn. The city’s famous shopping street was beautified  and restored some of its old ambiance. The idea was not only to restore the market but also as a place where one can go not only for shopping but also for a leisurely walk.

Buildings were painted in a uniform color , stone pavements were constructed in Victorian style balustrades to enhance the architecture to give it the look that existed in London.

To give them uniformity, all buildings in Hazratganj have been painted in cream and pink, with white lettering on black signboards.

This color scheme was chosen for  it was so during the British Hazratganj, when it was the market place for the elite. Post 200 years of existence, many new buildings have been constructed and they look different from each other which creates the difference. Therefore, Painting them in similar colors was the best solution to give it a homogeneity.

And now it is a landmark of the Nawab Seher that brings about a new identity. Go ahead take a look and enjoy the feel !