5ft 1”, oh! Hell of a life.

Excuse Me! Is all we got on our lips.

Metro is my best ease as my travel options through the city, cause it saves my late remark in office but why no shorter holders for us?

If not managed a seat then it’s deadly for us, searching for a helping arm or folding our arms the shortest possible and fix our self straight.

Plans for shorter destination are a big time liberator but a longer one is curse in these congested cubicles.

People twinning with me will be able to link up the correct conditions. Travelling with friends is much of a blessing for we don’t have to embarrass ourselves falling over unnecessarily, we can just lean on one of them.

Multiple fragrance of sweat is our permanent perfume for we reach up to nowhere but only till the armpit with our stature.

Suffocation is our permanent illness, only hoping a taller air vent to able to breathe in the congestion.

Accompanying a hair stylist in your journey will be your day dream, for till you reach your destination, you have already complimented yourself with the messiest hairstyle ever and be ready to be photographed!


With all the disgrace, we can only hope for some more inches with more jugs of Complan” at least to break the stereotype of our perfume granted.