Kolkata is a momo lover and has a special corner for Momos. Almost every corner of the city you will find a Momo outlet small or big. Kolkata’s love for momo has inspired Reevu Wangdi alongwith his co-owner friend Pravakar Yonzone to open a Tibetan and Chinese outlet in the city-MOMO IAM. It is a new introduction to the city but has gained popularity among the youngsters for various reasons. Momo Iam serves not only Momos but various other south east Asian cuisine. It has now four outlets across the city.

Reasons why you should definitely visit the newly opened MOMO IAM :


  1. DECOR.

Interesting graffiti on the walls makes this place different from the others. There are two types of seating,  outdoor and indoor. The yellow lights, soothing music, cozy ambience makes this place a pleasant visit.



MOMO IAM has four outlets in Kolkata- Golpark, City Centre 1 Salt Lake, Lake Gardens and Chinar Park. Thus, it provides great accessibility from across the city. All the outlets provide the same quality food.


3. FOOD.

MOMO IAM provides a wide range of Tibetan and chinese cuisines. They also serve pork delicacies at very reasonable price. They are known for their Momos, Noodles, Chicken Kothey, Crispy Chicken, Lemongrass Chicken, Pork Ribs,Clear Soup, Baos, Thukpas.  Their specialities are the Drums of Hell, the baos, especially Pork Bao, Chicken-T Momo and Pork Chilli. The quantity along with the quality of food is quite overwhelming. If you are person looking for some good Tibetan food, this place is a must visit.



MOMO IAM is gaining it’s popularity mainly among the students and youngsters because of it’s quality food at a very reasonable price. A wide range of momos, thukpas, baos, noodles are offered at a pocket friendly price. Hence, visiting MOMO IAM will not pinch your pocket unlike other Tibetan or Chinese outlets offering good food.

The above are some of the reasons that makes MOMO IAM a must visit place in Kolkata. It is a place one can visit both with family and friends and come back satisfied after a good food and a great time.