Are you someone who loves to eat and live a healthy lifestyle? Being healthy means being on a perfect diet and avoiding the junk. But sometimes when you are hungry and not at home, it becomes almost impossible to maintain your diet. Well, we are going to help you with it. If you are hungry but on a diet, head to these places.





This newly opened cafe in Hindustan Park caters good food which are healthy. No Junktion Bistro offer nutritionist endorsed foods and drinks. Their decor is a perfect neat one with graffiti on it’s walls and good music. Good food and healthy food, here you get them both.

Cuisine: Healthy Food, American, Lebanese, European, Italian, Asian

Speciality: Chocolate Pizza, Sweet Potato Fries,Risotto, Brownie, Whole Wheat Pizza,Burrito, Tiramisu.

Address: 49A Purna Das Road., Hindustan Park, Kolkata
Ph. No.: 033 30991356






Eat Good Food, by Hena Nafis is one of those places you go to when you are conscious about your health yet wanna try some delicious food. Eat Good Food offers a wide variety of food and juices. Some of the items on the menu are very much their own innovations with some innovative names on the lists like Detox juices, Overnite Oats among others. Try their Sunday Breakfast menu.

Cuisine: Continental and salad.

Speciality: Burrito, Chaat, Chicken Ceaser Salad,Pesto Pasta, Mojito, Quinoa Salad,Spaghetti

Address: 19A, Tarak Dutta Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Ph. No.: 91 9830300957







Here at Soul Cafe, good food meets good lifestyle. Soul cafe has an amazing ambience and it offers great food. They focus on the quality of the food making it healthy. Soul cafe has an interesting feature, it has a separate area solely for the fitness and workout purpose. It offers Zumba and yoga classes separately which makes the highlighted feature of the cafe. Soul Cafe not only provides healthy food but also a healthy lifestyle.

Cuisine: Cafe, American, Italian, Continental

Speciality: Mojito, Cigar, Dabeli, Pork Chops, Fish Grill, English Breakfast, Cocktail Prawn

Address: 51, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Ph. No.: +91 9831137818, +91 8910909501