Kolkata is all about the happy-go-lucky ambiance with the happier-go-luckier people but if you happen to encounter a heated conversation you are sure to have stepped in to the debate of Bengali macher jhol, Rabindra Sangeet or cricket! Talking about it, this is the IPL season and Kolkata is the home ground for KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) therefore, this city makes enough reasons for each one to be proud of.

  1. Being oldest but still the biggest in the country

Not only the biggest in the country but the second biggest ground in the world after Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground which can accommodate over 66,000 people at a time.

19 Jan 2002: A general view of the ground during the 1st India v England One Day International match at Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium, Kolkata, India. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Tom Shaw/Getty Images
  1. Guess who is the only cricketer to score a hat-trick here

It was in 1991 when Kapil Dev the only cricketer who managed to score a hat-trick here in ODIs around the world & may be that is why he is known to be an all rounder. Though Harbhajan Singh and Irrfan Pathan have made their Test Hat-tricks, but none could break Kapil’s record till date.

3.   South Africa’s come back as a cricket team was at the Edens ICC                   suspended South Africa for a span of almost 20 years and eight                   months for their apartheid policy which faced heavy criticism                       internationally.

4.  Lord’s like bell for Eden Gardens

      No more only for Lord’s ground in London, Kolkata is all set to ring             the similar bell at the iconic Eden Gardens.

     “Yes, we are getting such a bell which will be installed at the Eden                Gardens. Every morning it will be rung by a cricketer from either side        or ex-players. The bell is being imported and should be in place by             September 2017,” the former India skipper Sourav Ganguly                           (President-CAB) broke the news.

5.   Football legend Pele has played here for Cosmos against Mohun Bagan football club.


6.   Sachin’s 199th match held here against West Indies.

7.   The first Test was played between India and England in 1934.