1. Rome was not built in a day neither was the famous Howrah Bridge. It took complete 6 years to come into the shape which makes it so popular. The Howrah Bridge was built closely before the Indian independence, started in the year 1943.


  1. Which transport do you think inaugurated the bridge?

Neither a car nor a bus but it was the heritage tram that first travelled through the bridge. Due to heavy weight age, it was later discontinued in the year 1993.


  1. Did you ever think of measuring The Howrah Bridge on your way through it?

No, not easy for it stretches across 705 meters and has a width of 71 feet. Adding up to this, there is a 14 feet footpath on both sides.

Initially it was considered to be the 3rd longest bridge of its kind and today even in a high competition market; it bags the position of 6th longest cantilever bridge in the world.




  1. The Howrah Bridge has a Tata Legacy in its blood.


Tata supplied 23,000 tons of steel for the building of this heritage which we are proud of today. To your surprise, there were no nuts or bolts used in the making, the builders constructed the whole structure with steel riveting.


  1. The Busiest bridge

Being the world’s busiest cantilever bridge is not at all easy; to possess the fame it bears a load of around 100,000 vehicles and over 150,000 pedestrians each day.


  1. The Filmy fame

Popular movies like Gunday, Barfi!, Love Aaj Kal, Tamil film Aadhavan, Malayalam Film Calcutta News, Roland Joffé’s English language film City of Joy, contains scenes shot on this bridge.

The list doesn’t end here, it’s uncountable.