Kolkata is known for her amazing variety of food from Biriyani, Machher Jhol, Rosogolla to Puchka, Jhal Muri, Roll. Kolkata’s street foods are just every foodie’s paradise. Street Foods are simply love as they do not pinch your pocket yet delicious. Do not forget to try these lipsmacking delicious street foods.


1. Jhal Muri

Almost in every corner of the city you will find Jhal Muri outlets. It is puffed rice mixed with chopped onions, boiled potatoes, chillies and a pinch of mustard oil. These are delicious and easy to munch on.


2. Roll

Rolls are every Kolkatan’s favourite street food. They are basically Indian version of wraps. Layered with eggs or chicken pieces or paneer and vegetables. These are fulfilling street foods found in every other stall across the cities.


3. Puchka

Puchkas are Bengal’s version of Golgappas. These mouth watering crispy items, filled with mashed potatoes mixed with amazing masalas, chillies. They are served dipped in Tamarind water which makes the whole experience wonderful.


4. Momo

Momos are the recent addition to the list of street foods. The have a taste of authenticity of North India here in Kolkata. Most momo outlets are run by the North Indians and Nepalese, which has helped keep the authenticity of the food. They are served with a delicious soup along with the ‘Momo Sauce’  in the street outlets. They are served both boiled and frind. Non veg momos are stuffed with minced chicken and veg momos are stuffed with chopped vegetables.


5. Chowmein

Chowmein is a chinese cuisine every citizen of Kolkata loves. Vegetable Chowmein or Non veg chowmein, both are equally tasty. Often served with gravy. Since Chowmein & Chilli Chicken make a good combination, almost every Chowmein outlet serve chilli chicken too. These are pocket friendly yet so filling. So when hungry, indulge in a plate of Chowmein from one of the shops on the streets of Kolkata.