Food is our best friend, well at least the one we can actually eat when frustrated, happy or plain emotional. It’s always a pleasure to try out new dishes or tastes and other cuisines, add to that a new culture of eating and staying away from the usual stereotypes of food culture is one of the many of celebrating food’s goodness.

Well, the new culture of food eating and serving, is the food truck ideas, all new and totally portable! Now you can have your food through these portable food trucks that change their places and location and make it exciting and thrilling.

Adding to the new culture we have a start of the Cuisines, the ones that are never had before, are authentic in its origin and course of making. Like the new addition to the thriving food truck culture in Bangalore is Om Nom Thai a food truck that serves the best authentic Thai food in Bangalore.

It’s no big surprise that a city is already a hep place with its thriving food truck culture, they can even organize their own food truck fest with all those different food trucks available there. So, adding to the big family, Om Nom Thai has definitely made a mark of its own, through its very authentic and unique taste of Thai food, started by Ujjwal who gave up his job in an IT firm to travel. He got his inspiration, from his travels to Bangkok, on realizing that having an authentic Thai food truck can be quite beneficial to the Bangalore city!
Judging from their menu and different reviews on the same, you can very well start off with a happy munch on their delightful ‘dim sum’ as they come in different tastes to suit your taste buds like steamed, fried or even chili fried.

Of course added with and/or chicken, as a bonus with mayonnaise and a classic chili dip. Now, what’s Thai without skewers?!! Don’t forget to add up to your menu, their very smoldering barbecued chicken or cottage cheese chunks all saucy and lined on the classic bamboo stick. Oh yes, not to forget their Pad Thai with different assortments of Chicken, Eggs or Vegetables. The main course though is quite minimalist in its variety, which is a positive and a negative as well, simplicity is the key at times though so you go with dishes like green or red Thai curry, with Jasmine rice. They can make you feel all refreshing and cool with their choices in drinks like Oreo shakes, strawberry milkshake and a cooling Virgin Mojito.

Well, for anything in the world, I don’t think anyone should give this a miss. It’s definitely worth it!