We found Stuart, Bob and Kevin at a cafe in Delhi, yeah your own Minions here at Delhi!! We think they found a new “evil mastermind” and are working with him now, helping him run a Minion’s cafe! Yes, you got it right; there is a Minions cafe in Delhi and it is just crazy. The Minnions cafe is one of the best places to have a themed party for your child or to spend time with your friends if you are Minion’s fan.

“Give me the Address?”

You seem excited, so were we. Getting to the point, “The Minnions Cafe” is situated in the busy streets of Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi.

“How is the Decor?”

It is a well-lit place with golden yellow light, giving everything the Minion’s favourite Banana colour to almost everything. The decor is totally dedicated to Minions and their adventures, the unique graffiti on the wall are really commendable. They have specially dedicated zones like Selfie zone, Co-working space and gaming couches.

“What is on the menu?”

The menu is as special as the decor, being a cafe their cuisines is limited but each dish is as entertaining as the Minions. Shakes, Sandwiches, Pasta and Pizza, Hot and Cold beverages make up their menu. Some of the “You have to try this” dishes are Baked Nachos(from the chef’s special); Oreo, KitKat and Nutella Shakes; Chilli Cheese Toast, Pan Mojito and the Brownie gelato(how can I even forget that?). Owing to the unique theme, the perfect lighting and the decor you will really love sharing your time with the minions.




The staffs are very warm and polite owing to the owner’s extra efforts as he takes thorough notice of the customer’s needs and directs the staff accordingly. He even oversees the kitchen sometimes, providing utmost importance to the customer satisfaction.

The Minnions Cafe

Address: 712, West Guru Angad Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi