Did you ever dream of having a fizzy glass of milk?

Balwant Singh Dhaba dreamt of it and brings into your life as a real pinch. This strange amalgamation of chilled milk and Thumbs Up is an amazing drink that attracts food lovers from all around.

Kolkata, the culture capital already tops the chart for its famous misti dahi and other products made from milk but this after meal freshener is in different demands.

This out of the box invention of Balwant Singh in the early 1980s, is served at his Kolkata dhaba-style eating house. Even though many has tried their hands on this spin on cola but none could excel hence Balwant Singh remains the only name behind this unique invention.

Served in kullads makes it even more eye catching and already cools down your thirst on a hot sultry day in the city.

Sold in litre wise, it will cost you INR 120 for a litre which is enough for serving two.

Location: 10/B, Harish Mukherjee Road, Near Elgin Road Gurdwara, Bhawanipur, Kolkata

Opening Hours: 7am-12am