Travelling to North East for your next vacation?

Here is your wardrobe guide to give you your best and meet the eligibility point with the locals. North East and Delhi is considered to be the hotbed of fashion in India. Therefore, you got to be extra conscious about what you wear and when.

It is researched that dressing and food habits depends on the climatic conditions of a location! Therefore, when you are in North East you are going to choose your wardrobe accordingly keeping in mind the weather and suitability.

North East is all about mountains, chills and the most comfortable weather so you have a wide range to choose from.

Must have-

  1. Pair of a blue and black denim
  2. Sneakers preferably white to team up with anything and everything
  3. Basic t-shirts bright and base colors(Black & White)
  4. Sunny Shades to brighten up your look


North East fashion is not about very extravagant clothing but to make a basic dressing extraordinary and the people here are dedicated to make it an art.


p.s: You should not forget to carry your jumpers so that you can stand by the chill as and whenever it takes an entry.


The most amazing part of travelling in North East is you can wear anything here in your own way which you may not have the guts to try in any other part of the country; fashion is widely accepted here no matter how it comes up.


Life here is very bright so you can have all your FTV ideas cracked here. Fashion in North East is inspired from all across the world.

You may also give yourself a traditional appearance as this juncture of lifestyle is given a lot of importance here. Every North East state has been dedicated with a typical traditional costume and they carry it with lot of prestige and glam.


Most of all, north- east is your land so feel free to relish it the way you desire. Enhance your fashion taste to a different epitome.



Typical haircuts, most extravagant colors all of it you will find in here so if you ever want to try out your wildest fashion ideas you can have all the freedom to try here!