Prosperity and luck can be anyone’s and no-one’s at the same time. It’s a very dicey subject, it can make you believe in things that you might not believe otherwise.

Luck and prosperity go hand in hand and you believe it or not, sometimes you want to succeed and do your homework accordingly but you still might lack in the department of luck, which hinders your prosperity and success.

Sometimes it’s all there the luck, the success, the hard work, everything you need to prosper in life and all other spheres but it’s all blocked out only to be opened by a key. Well here’s that very key to your problem! A Tortoise-shaped finger ring is not just a beautiful fashion statement, but also with a deep meaning in Feng Shui. It’s said that these represent love, bonding as well as happiness in life and having this Feng Shui tortoise around, can be hugely beneficial.

Here’s how:

1) Studded within a different form of metals and jewelry they are said to bring in luck and prosperity to the wearer!

2) While wearing this tortoise, make sure it’s always a little away from the direct contact of your body, this ensures that the wealth you accumulate stays with you and not flow into someone else’s accounts!

3) A symbolic representation of good luck and strength. It makes sure you develop intuitive qualities good for both business or creative lines!

4) When you do get the tortoise, make sure that if it’s engraved on metal, it’s facing north or northwest direction. Well, if it’s made up of crystals, then it’s better to position it towards southwest or northwest. But it’s totally different with wood, on wood it has face east or southeast.

5) Placement of the tortoise is very important, mostly keep it in the center of the house, like the living room. It makes the family bond stronger and better!

6) To care for your special tortoise is very important, hence, if possible place your tortoise in a water container. They are reptiles but they do need water to dwell well! So here’s the key and how to use it and care for it, so now there’s nothing stopping you from getting your success.