For decades, chicken tikka masala was England’s favourite Indian dish. It became a truly British food, and writers hunted for the story of its origin like archaeologists doggedly searching for a mythical arte fact. And then, London discovered yet another culinary delight, humbler than the last one – the Bengali snack of jhaal muri (savory puffed rice).

Jhaal muri (Savory puffed rice) best teamed with a cup of hot tea is an every Bengali’s favorite and much in use during an adda session. This is one of the most common photographs of Kolkata that dwells in every street corner or in the house. Much available at ease in every 5 steps away.

I am much convinced that this is the only dish that was discovered by accident rather than by painstaking several tries and experiments otherwise how could a rational mind accept a tasteless puff rice with different veggies that turns out to be the most wanted snack of Bengal.

A packet for INR 5 and it increases with bigger the packet. Often served in newspaper cones called thongas. The packing is totally desi and it makes the dish even more interesting visually. May it be an evening walk, way to office, a shopping day out with friends or just a leisure evening at home on a rainy day, jhaal muri it is – the all time munching king!

A spoonful of jhaal muri is synonymous with its flavor – jhaal means spicy and muri stands for puffed rice. It’s ease of preparation, light and healthy nature with a great taste makes it an ample reason for its popularity worldwide.