Before buying your diamond you should check with the 4Cs of diamond.


The amount a diamond shines detects how well a diamond is cut followed by its brilliance.


A diamond’s color detects its rich quality and the grade it is placed in. A colorless diamond is better preferred.


Although every diamond comes with tiny imperfections but the less it is the higher clarity grade it receives.


Carat is what consumers better understand but it only the measuring unit of a diamond, not to mistake it as a quality measure.

Shape and certification are two other aspects of a diamond that needs to be checked.


Antique Jewellery

  1. Check for a Mark
    Antique jewellery is all about – from the past! Therefore, having a sign of the maker goes hand in hand. Authentic antique jewellery must be with a signature or an inscribed portrait or picture.
  2. Don’t forget to ask your merchant about its origin

Your merchant should be able to satisfy you with the correct details from where he collected the particular piece from. As to whether it was bought over an auction, a family heirloom or found in the process of antique hunting.

  1. Research on the merchant

If your merchant has 10 pieces of the same design of the ring you have chosen, then it is not an antique item for sure, for antique means unique and it is always single piece.

  1. Look for Patina

Antique jewellery is never polished; it is left shine less for, doing so affects the metal of the jewellery which results in loss of the metal. Merchants dealing with antique jewellery always use this term.


  1. Consider the price

Antique jewellery is not something which is available at your ease so if you find the price very pocket friendly cross check with it’s authenticity.



For all that glitters is not gold!

  1. Purity

Pure gold comes with inscribed caratage in the product. Since pure gold is too soft to form jewellery alone, it is alloyed with a mixture of metals to retain strength and durability.

The most common ‘Carat’ options are 18 K, 22K or 24 K.

The higher the number, the higher the purity of the gold.

  1. Color

Gold comes with many variations. In addition to yellow gold, white gold and rose gold have taken over the market. Two-tones are also among the latest trends.

But yellow gold bags the maximum demand for its warm, rich and subtle nature and therefore proves to be the ultimate in jewellery industry.

  1. Identification

Like India, most of the countries require a clear stamp indicating its caratage in the particular jewellery by law and this identification is controlled through a hallmarking system. Most of the branded jewellery house stamps their jewellery bearing their brand name and the caratage by themselves.

4. Check the weight

Gold jewellery is all about its weight and the price varies accordingly; therefore it is wise to ask for the weight-age in front of you.


5. Re Sell value

Jewellers are supposed to offer you buy back policy, where one can exchange your old ones for new. For designs and styles might change but the value of gold remains untouched.

Our relationship with the customers doesn’t end with the product selling, it begins with every sale. We offer after sale service with every product and 100% guarantee is bestowed upon buyback of gold and diamond jewellery.

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