When tight on budget, Shibuji provides the best value for money on food and drinks. Kolkata is known for its economic street food and when it comes to Sikanji and Pav Bhaji, Shibuji is the first name a Kolkatian will take. Situated in one of the busiest streets of Kolkata, Shibuji offers a huge variety in its menu, starting from its famous Soda Sikanji to Grilled sandwiches and Kulfi with Faluda.


Give me the address! Now!

Shibuji is located on Camac street, the best landmark to this place is the Vardhan Market. Shibuji is a street side shop on the left-hand side of Vardhan. Being at Camac street, Shibuji serves a variety of customers, from Shoppers at Vardhan, office goers to college and school students from St. Xavier’s College and Loreto College, Parkstreet.

Address:25A, Vardaan Market, Camac Street Area, Kolkata



I want Food on my plate!
Are you hungry? Cz Shibuji got the best Pav Bhaji in Kolkata. Apart from the lip-smacking Pav Bhaji, they also offer a variety of Grilled Sandwich including Veg sandwich, American Corn-Cheese sandwich and much more. Sandwiches are accompanied with “green chatni”, potato chips and tomato sauce; they also serve extra mayonnaise if one seeks some.




I feel thirsty now!

A wide variety of drinks and juices offered here include Soda Sikanji, Orange Sikanji, lassi, Kessari Thandai, Kala Khatta Soda, Masala Soda, Nimbu Pani. They also offer special drinks like Blue Lagoon, Chocolate Shake and Mocktails. The fresh fruit juice available here are true to their name. One of a unique drink available here is the Milk ThumsUp, which will leave a sweet and fizzy aftertaste.




My sweet tooth is craving!

To satisfy our sweet tooth Shibuji offers Kessari Kulfi with Faluda. If Kesar is not your taste then you can try other flavours they offer which include Orange, Mango and Sitaphal. They also offer “Chuski”, available in many different flavours including Kala khatta, strawberry, mango and orange it ought to refresh you any summer afternoon.