College Street, more commonly known as Boi-Para, is a feast for eyes for the book lovers. Books and only books for almost 2 kms can make any book lover crazy and a non book lover awestruck.

Looking for the special edition of your favorite author? Any other place can give you a failure but success is in their roots at College Street. College Street is nothing but a street Google for innumerous books possible.

May it be your curriculum books for school, college or for your leisure, College Street provides you all and at an unbelievable heavy discount.

Looking for new books but less of cash? Not to worry Boi-para also has an exchange offer available that gives you a happy face.

New books might be out of budget at times or may seem wastage of money for a one time read and to suffice with that Boi-para stands again at your service to provide you with second hand books with almost 1/3rd of the MRP.

Your visit to Oxford Book Store might just land up in a window shopping but visiting College Street will always amaze you with the first copies of a new release before anybody.

The most striking fact here is the vast knowledge; the shopkeepers have it in store that will leave you open-mouthed.

More than a 100 year old market brings about another heritage to the city of joy, our Kolkata.

So, hurry just get going.