Shopping is that independent word that brings smile on a woman’s face in no time. No matter how many international brands or big malls have slipped in the Indian market, street shopping is still the best choice for most people for it gives enormous options to choose.

Hog at Hogg Market :

Hogg market commonly known as New market.

Established in the year 1874 as a shopping destination to cater to needs of the British residents in India & ever since it has not stopped to amuse shopaholics, becoming the most favored shopping destinations of Kolkata. It was under the expertise of the Calcutta Corporation that New Market was born. It was christened as Sir Stuart Hogg Market in the year 1903 and then Hogg Market.

So what is so fascinating about this market? Well, simply put, the place is best described as a maze with shops selling everything one can ever imagine. From clothes to footwear; fashion jewelry to precious metals and stones, electronic gadgets to toys; convenience stores that stock food items, daily use products, cosmetics, toiletries; shops the deal with baby products; an entire section dedicated to the selling of rare and exotic flowers; a range of shops that sell on dry fruits and such products, currency exchange booths, and some very old yet world renowned confectioneries like Nahoums.

There is a very common Bengali saying,” khujle bagher dudh o pawa jay New Market e”  which means if you search, you will get tiger’s milk too. The fact that this market has everything one can want makes it a favorite here. The other factor that draws people to shop here is that the products are cheap when compared to malls and shopping arcades. One is likely to get more here for the same amount spent at a standalone shopping centre. A beautiful bouquet of flowers can come as cheap as Rs 150/-. The same bouquet will cost nothing less than Rs 300/- at a florist or boutique.

The market also boasts of having the oldest location of Nizams Restaurant here. It is believed that the Kathi roll was born here and that the place has catered to the British Raj and local dignitaries too. No surprises that this market is listed as one of the 6 cheap places to shop in Kolkata.

Get traditional at Gariahat

Looking for the best of wedding shopping ? You are at the right place. From authentic benerashi sarees, silks, kanjivaram,taant to handloom,you will get all of it at this junction. Shopaholic men need not be disappointed, this place brings out best of traditional kurtas, dhotis for the groom to be. Not only wedding shopping, this place is full of house decors and at the lowest rate possible. Gariahat is a shopping paradise for filling the pockets with all necessities. It’s like a day dream coming true for a junk jewellery lover.

Bookworms  bring in more books from College street

College Street has been famously known as book lovers den or “boi para”. This place is like a street library, where you would find books from any genre, may it be a 90’s publication or latest.  Home to Calcutta University and Presidency College, and having been described by many an English author as a serpentine road lined with bookstalls that simply spill onto the pavements, this place is a reader’s delight.

It is not only the largest book market in Kolkata but also among the country. People across the country pay a visit here in search of rarest of rare books starting from literature to linguistics.   Yes, the largest book market in Kolkata houses some very rare books. You not only get to buy best of the books here but also sale them at the best rates. You will get first edition copies of books at prices that are unbelievable, and also in Indian languages.

Take home your most wanted gadgets from Chadni Chowk

From a spare electric wire to your most desired home theatre, A-Z of electronics market is Chadni Chowk. Every electronic desire can be fulfilled here at your budget; bargain is a regular affair here.

Kolkata’s foreign land- Sudder Street

Sudder Street is famous for shopping out of the box. It’s a college goer’s nirvana. If you want to step     aside from the crowd in your class, this is the place to be in. All sorts of different drapes, cuts, shapes you could ever dream in your dress, are a reality here. Adding a cherry to this, all these are available at a very reasonable rate that makes your cravings pitch to a different height. Sunshine is one of the most famous shops here. Foreigners who visit Kolkata choose this place as their home during their stay. You must visit this place!

P.S : The most interesting fact about this place is  that the shopkeepers can amaze you by their exquisite quality of speaking in more than one foreign language.

Hatibagan Market For Your Silken Delights

Transliterated, this place means ‘Elephant Garden.’ This used to be the market that would sell exotic birds and pets in Kolkata until a fire in 2012 turned things gloomy. It rose from the ashes and is now back in business with some shops that are more than a century old, the famous Star Theatre and shops selling the most rare and finest of Indian silk sarees at prices that will cause one to smile from ear to ear.

Wellington Square for your antique desire

How much do you love to listen to your granny’s stories? How many of you wish to get to their generation and enjoy that age?

Yes, If you have a love for treasuring prehistoric items and bring life to it ,this is the place. Welington Square gives you a vast range of old records and gramophone collection. From Gandhiji’s original voice to Tagore’s own sung song, you will get it all here at minimal rates. Collecting currencies & postal stamps can be great treasure here.

All the year Holi at Howrah Phool Bazar – Be colourful

The flower market that sits on the east side of the erstwhile and iconic Howrah Bridge is a celebration of colours and aromas. Trucks from all over the country drop of rare and exotic flowers here that are then sold by local vendors. This flower market offers one with a variety of flower species that range from tuberoses to orchids, lilies to gladiolas and much more.

This is the cheapest place to buy flowers in bulk before they reach local markets and boutiques where the price is almost doubled and in some cases even more than that. Whether you are a retailer or florist or wish to get flowers for a special occasion at home or your workplace, a visit this flower market is a visual treat and a great pocket saver.

Wholesale Shopping At Burrabazar Market

The Wholesale market in your budget. Burrabazar not only by name but it justifies the name in     every way. The market is as big as any small village in area and consists of business of enormous variety, from clothes to iron rods, fruits to  paint brushes. This place is a trader’s paradise.

Dakshinapan Market – South Kolkata’s Delight

Think ethnic, think Dakshinapan Market—a Government shopping complex which is equally like a sreet shopping which houses state emporiums of all states. Besides the very reliable and inexpensive quality material and pure silk items, do check out for the curios and chunky jewelries too—you’ll want to come back again for more!