Delhi-tes are witnessing what is called the worst Air Quality Level since 1999, as the SP 2.5 and SP 10 levels of the smog go far beyond the recommended and reaching a level 999 for both. The Air quality level gives a measure of the Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) in the air, which clearly states how bad the scenario is.



There was almost loss of visibility during the early hours of the day, which resulted in a 24 Vehicle Pile-up on the Yamuna Expressway.


Delhi’s air pollution levels have crossed into the “Emergency state” or “Severe Plus” which has resulted in the smog, requires immediate action from the government. But in such an emergency it is not the sole responsibility of the government to implement preventive measures but also the responsibility of the people to be alert and responsive to the government’s decisions.


Here are Five measures a responsible citizen must take to handle the smog situation:
1. Spreading awareness about the smog- its cause and adverse effects on the body.

The primary motive is to help people understand that the smog is not the usual fog, but its harmful sibling, caused by the ever-increasing pollution level and aided by the farm-fires of the neighboring states. The suspended matter present in the fog gets deposited in the lungs and cause long term complications. Irritation of the eyes and damage to the heart, brain and lungs are also included in the long term effects.



2. Using air-purifiers, Protective masks and indoor plants

To avoid SPM use of indoor air purifiers is one of the best options one can get, a cheaper alternative to the problem is the use of indoor plants. This solution might be slow, but they provide a much fresh and natural air that one requires.
It is advised to stay inside in such a condition, but if going out one should use protective masks which are easily available in the market.



3. Using Carpool and Public transport

Using carpool and availing public transport options like Bus/Metro help reduce the unnecessary pollution caused by the excess traffic on the roads. Ola/Uber can be used for carpool.



4. Yoga


Yoga is a natural way to help your body get rid of its toxic. Yoga increases the blood flow, intake of oxygen content and increase immunity, all of which are needed in this state of “emergency”.



5. Creating Political pressure

Politicians today wait for a catastrophe to occur, instead of preventing it in the first place. The public must create a proper pressure on the government so that preventive measures are taken even before “emergency” levels are reached.