Mumbai and Goa are connected via rail, road, air and now sea. The much awaited Mumbai-Goa ferry service is now official and is set to launch by December 2017. The news was announced by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on 7th November 2017.


The proposed project was previously operational in the 60’s-70’s and also in the late 90’s and now it is been renewed under the Sagar Mala Project. The Sagar Mala Project, established in July 2015, aims to improve the quality of the ports of the country and increase the use of these resources, as well as provide 10 million job opportunities via the 289 proposed projects (2017-2018).


The move is appreciated all over the country for creating job opportunities, beautification and utilization of natural resources, decrease in traffic on the roads and air, increase in tourist attraction, controlling pollution and increasing the scope of upgradation of transportation of the state of Goa to adapt to the new mode of transportation.

A secondary proposal also includes connection of Mopa and Dabolim airports by an inland waterway, thus easing the transportation and increasing connectivity.
Transportation by waterways has always been adventurous and provided a fresh experience. An extension of the project can be availed by the use of smaller ferries that travel inland via the rivers and thus help tourists travel deeper and closer to their required destination.

The Department of Shipping has collaborated with IIT Madras for the establishment of a Centre Of Excellence, devoted to proving technical assistance in terms of studying the costs of the operation, suggesting viable routes and helping to cut costs of the dredging requirements of the project.



Goa has always been a famous tourist attraction of India, and an introduction of a new mode of transport not only makes the trip more adventurous but also provides a fresh feeling to the tourists who have already visited the place earlier.