Babies are an integral part of our lives. They bring joy and happiness to the world with their cheerful laughter. Their cuteness and innocence makes us all go drooling over them. We all are fond of babies and their cuteness. Children’s day is almost here and these Baby stores in Delhi offer you some of the best products in the city.


  1. Mothercare.


This store is perhaps for all the mommies out there. This is a one stop shop for your baby. Apart from clothing this store also offers furnitures, bedding, seating, toys and many other baby items for your kid. They also take care of the mothers. They have a separate section for maternity which has the maternity clothes. They also advice mothers regarding their kids or their pregnancy.





2. Petals.


Petals Children Wear is a garment store which has to offer a wide range of clothing for babies and girls. They are known for their unique design and quality product, which has made them one of the leading children’s brand in North India. They have many retail stores across India.




3. Almirah.


Almirah is another baby store in Delhi which make clothes, beddings and accessories. They are a growing brand since 2011. Almirah has many retails in Delhi itself and some others in other cities. They are known to keep the traditional touch intact in their clothes.




4. A Little Fable.


A Little Fable is a one stop destination for all your kid’s need. They have garments, shoes, accessories, home furnishings. They also focus on the theme of each of their products making them colourful and beautifully designed.




5. Les Petits.


This is a multi designer baby store which has international labels like Dolce&Gabbana, Miss Blumarine, Baby Dior, Young Versace to name a few. They also offer designer furnitures for your baby from brands like Theophile & Patachou. This is store to offer your kid a luxury experience with amazing products Les Petits has to offer.