Kolkata is famous for offering her sweets especially their Mishti Doi and Sandesh . However, Kolkata  has a chain of restaurants and cafe offering mouth watering delicacies. Some of them are so iconic that has been serving generations before us with their quality food. Visit these restaurants when in Kolkata.


1. Olypub.


This is a must visit restaurant when your are in Kolkata. This is one of the oldest restaurant and bars we still have. This opened it’s doors way before the new pubs and bars that has filled every corner of the city. This place has not lost it’s age old charm and has kept up to it’s quality. They are popular in the city for offering boozes at a very reasonable rate and because of their wide range of food. Their Beef Steak is very popular. When you are in Kolkata definitely try this restaurant.


2. Flury’s.


Flurys, another famous restaurant offering best desserts and sweet delicacies. It is serving since 1927 and has grown since then with many outlets across the city. They are famous for offering wide range of breakfast. The ambience is great and well lit. They offer one of the best cakes in the city and it popular for their sweet savouries. Visit this place and you won’t be disappointed.


3. Arsalan.


This place is known all over India for their amazing Biriyani. Kolkata Biriyani is one of it’s kind and is special than the rest for their distinct taste of aloo present in it. Arsalan has many outlets around the city. Hop into any one of them and you will be surprised with their amazing  Mutton Biriyani. Try their Chaap too with the Biriyani.


4. Coffee House.

This is a heritage of Kolkata. Coffee house situated in the city’s college area, College Street is a favourite to the college goers. This cafe is trying to keep the heritage of Kolkata intact. You will see this place mostly crowded with the college goers having long intellectual discussions. The moment you enter this place, it will remind you of the old culture of Kolkata which is trapped in every corner and walls of this cafe. They offer Coffee, tea, fish fry, Kabiraji and many other savouries.


5. Golbari.

Golbari’s Kosha Mangsho is what makes Golbari in this list. They offer the most amazing Kosha Mangsho. Though not a very big eatery but this vintage restaurant has become a famous name because of their mouth watering food items. They do not have many items on the list, but all of them are worth ting. Do not forget to try their Kosha Mangsho with paratha or naan and you will remember Golbari forever.