How many for a ride on an open ambience?

How many for a slow motion picturesque of your favorite city of joy?

Tana Rickshaw or the hand pulled rickshaw is your target for the day. Kolkata, better known as The City of Joy has the best ways to actually give you a joyful experience which can be challenged with any other place in the country.

Your BMW might give you all the worldly luxuries but a strict bet for it cannot give you the thrill which these rickshaws can give. On a rickshaw ride you can be the best spectator of very minute detail of the street and suddenly you will realize to be the watch tower for it is way above the ground level.

Planning for a romantic day out on a wintry afternoon with your beloved around the city, undoubtedly hire one of the rickshaws and enjoy the coziest Kolkata ever.

North Kolkata is considered to be the old Kolkata and is covered with narrows alleys where the oldest mansions are located. Not only that, Kumartuli the maker of idols is also located in one of the junctions here. All these are best covered at your ease by these hand pulled rickshaws for it can roll in any kind of roads and give you the best of the views.

These are our heritage and we proudly fight to preserve them to keep the feel of the joy in the city alive for which even after Calcutta turning into Kolkata, the essence hasn’t changed!