Myntra’s New “Fashion Upgrade” Scheme Is Awesome!

Is mom still shouting at you to clean your wardrobe? No worry myntra’s new scheme gives you a reason to do that pending wardrobe your mom always asks you to. Myntra’s new scheme, “Myntra Fashion Upgrade” is so awesome that it will make you head to your bedroom right now. The “Fashion Upgrade” scheme is such that Myntra is doing good work on your behalf and you are gaining for doing good. Yaay!

Myntra fashion upgrade scheme

So what is it exactly?

Myntra has recently brought a new scheme “Myntra Fashion Upgrade”, where you can give away your old clothes to Myntra in exchange for “Myntra Points” and then those “Myntra points” can be redeemed for new clothes from the Myntra store. Isn’t it awesome? It is like exchanging your old clothes for new and more fashionable ones! We are so excited, are you?

Myntra fashion upgrade scheme

What does Myntra gain?

Myntra is an e-commerce website, and it certainly came into the field to make money, but truth be told it is not always about money. Myntra is doing this to provide for the needy. Myntra has collaborated with a Voluntary organization, Goonj that will help them channelize the gained materials(through this venture) to the remote areas where people need clothes to cover themselves up, from the bone-chilling winter.

Myntra fashion upgrade scheme

Check out Goonj to understand their needs better. Visit Goonj here.

Till when is the offer available?

The offer is running from 17th to 26th November it has been extended till the weekend owing to the huge public demand.

Myntra fashion upgrade scheme

How do I Participate?

  1.  Visit Myntra at this Link
  2.  Make a list of all your Unwanted clothes
  3.  Select “Use Myntra Points” option while paying for your order. Note that you can only pay 15% of your order amount via Myntra Points.
  4.  Handover the Listed items to the delivery boy while delivery of your order
  5. That’s it, you have your wardrobe cleaned and replaced with the top of the line fashion.Myntra fashion upgrade scheme