Mystery rooms brings to you an experience worth remembering for a lifetime. It is worth noting how during a thriller movie we suddenly shout out certain obvious facts which the actors so naively missed. It is common to hear “If only I was there!” in occasions when others experience the adrenalin rush of their life falling into a troubled event. Mystery room brings the perfect mix of a scary thriller and this time you and your friends are the ones to face it. Mystery rooms just opened a new branch in Kolkata and we already feel challenged!


Mystery rooms is a real-life puzzle game where one is stuck in a situation and has to escape it in a fixed time, solving puzzles and answering clues. The time constraint adds a psychological aspect to the whole game testing your skill when in stress.


Mystery rooms brings to you 4 different games that can be played giving you four levels to be challenged:


  1. The Hurt Locker – A Bomb Defuse Challenge

Imagine being at a place rigged with bombs by the terrorists, and being a Bomb Squad Team it is your duty to save everyone from the inevitable danger. The challenge is to unveil all the clues leading to successfully defusing the bomb. The difficulty of this game is set as “Easy”.




  1. Lockout- A Prison Break Challenge

This game takes you into the world of darkness, being wrongly convicted of a crime you and your gang are behind bars. You need to make an escape plan and break free. This challenge is ranked as “Hard”.




  1. Abduction- The Final Hour

Being a renowned group you and your gang come under the radar of an Abduction gang and get into trouble. You must use your elite skill set to get free before it is too late and the ransom is already delivered to the kidnappers. This game is ranked as “Quite Difficult”.




  1. Cabin In The Woods- The Murder Mystery

So in this game, you are a detective group on a mission to uncover mysterious killings taking place, and thus u enter an occult forest to know its secrets and save the endangered villagers. In this game, it is recommended that children below 10yrs are not chosen. The difficulty level this game is marked is “Almost Impossible”.



So are you ready for the challenge? The Mystery Awaits!

Mystery Rooms
1, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020