Love for street food for Calcuttans is known to everyone. Phuchkas, samosas, rolls are some of the street foods Kolkata is known for. Well, Mumbai has a wide variety of street food delicacies and it has come down all the way to Kolkata. Kolkata’s newly opened Desi Klub offers all the Mumbai street foods but with a twist. This is what makes Desi Klub different from any other restaurant. Desi Klub is a brother of the famous Spice Klub as they both belong to the same owner. Starting from it’s location to it’s food there are many reasons why Desi Klub is must visit place.



It’s prime location in Park Street makes it one of the reason why Desi Klub is a must visit place. Park Street is a hub for all the famous restaurants. Desi Klub is situated beside the famous Spice Klub. Spice Klub is already already famous among in the city for it’s quality food.




As you enter the place, you will be taken to the ’90s. The decorum of the restaurant is that of the ’90s. Typical bollywood style decorum with beautiful bollywood music of the ’90s being played. It is a must visit for every ’90s kid as this place will surely make you nostalgic of the era.


3. FOOD.

Food, is the main category of a cafe. Desi Klub offers a wide variety of foods. They manly focus on the street foods of Mumbai. All of their items have their own innovative twists in them making them more delicious and extraordinary. This place is a hub of innovations from their menu to their serving styles, everything seems extraordinary in this place.


Spice Klub is already a trusted restaurant among the Calcuttans and Desi Klub is just their another innovation which provides an ideal place to hangout with friends and family with amazing food and a great ambience makes the visit a wonderful experience.


Desi Klub

Ph. no.: 033 30990123

Address: 1st Floor, 24, Park Street, Annex Building, Magma House Complex, Park Street Area, Kolkata.