The newest addition to the Kolkata’s list of cafes is The Beer Cafe. The Beer Cafe is one of those places that give you one of the best ambiances with some equally great food. As of now, alcoholic beverages are not yet on their menu, but soon it will be.
Located among the best chain of restaurants and bars, the beer cafe still manages to stand out among all of them with being one of a kind place. It is a bar as well as a cafe, a place where friends can go and hang out for hours and with the kind of food and ambiance they have, who wouldn’t want to?

Prime Location:

The Beer Cafe is located at Parkstreet. It’s on the 1st Floor, Park Plaza Building, Near Barbeque Nation.



A very well decorated place, with posters of beer and other decorative elements including furniture and lights. The ambiance of the place is characterized by their choice of light, a dim light really favours a very cool stress free environment, perfect for spending long hours with friends.


Amazing Food:

Being a cafe they serve all kinds of cafe as well as restaurant foods including Pasta, Pizza, French Fry, Kebab, Wraps, Biriyani. Chief’s favourite is Macher Paturi(a traditional Bengali dish), Chicken Piccante and a few more.


Drinks to go crazy for:

Drinks available include different Mocktails, Juices and Beverages including Lime Soda, Virgin Mojito, Caribbean Refresh to name a few.


Service to be remembered:

With one of the most helpful and polite staff, the service is extremely good.