Raipur Marine drive! If there is a Marine drive in Mumbai, doesn’t mean it can’t be anywhere else, India is diverse and so are the states in it. There is nothing a place or state doesn’t have in India, from sea beaches to hill-stations.
It just takes a bit of searching and traveling to reach our destination. Rather than traveling and exploring the outer world, we all should take a look at our own places of dwelling. Maybe there’s something out here that’s never been seen before!
Just like how we can now find a Marine drive in Raipur and not just Mumbai, here’s the peaceful spot that brings out the best in all and you. Raipur’s Vivekanand Sarovar also commonly known as Budha Talab is one of the oldest lakes in the city. It’s said that Swami Vivekanand had stayed near this lake as well as took bath in the pond when he was in Raipur and so forth, the lake was named after him.
The major attraction over at this place is the statue of Swami Vivekananda, which is 37 ft high. Being one of the largest models of Swami Vivekananda, it has been added to the Limca Book of Records. The statue is created out of bronze and is positioned to be sitting.
Though that’s not all, the lake and its surroundings will remind you of our great Marine drive in Mumbai, this has become equally as famous because of its scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Its picturesque destination for all kinds of people from couples to tenagers hanging about, to families and friends to tourists.
It attracts all kinds of vendors in its surroundings as well, its a typical tourist attraction, which benefits the locals as well!