Star Jalsa is a familiar name in every Bengali family. People love their shows for which the TRP of the channel is increasing ever since. All of the shows aired on Star Jalsa are a hit. We bring to you a list of shows on Star Jalsa you can check out.

1. Rakhi Bandhan.


The story revolves around orphan siblings- Rakhi and Bandhan.
It is mesmerizing to see how young Bandhan tries to get the best for his little sister Rakhi from good schooling to bring her favourite food, Bandhan does it all. While in constant search for their mother. Their aunt is playing the antagonist in their lives.


2. Kusum Dola.

This is a family drama and the story revolves around the protagonist Ranajoy, an IPS officer and Imon, a village. The story is about how the two get married due to forced circumstances and how the lives of the both change after that. Many difficult situations come their way and the two tackle them together.


3. Jai Kali Kalkattawali.

In this thriller, Abhay is a dutiful housewife, good dauther-in-law and a homely mother. She is an ardent devotee of Goddess Kali and just like how Goddess Kali destroyed the evil, Abhaya in disguise does the same being a saviour to women. It will b interesting to see how long she can disguise herself to keep her hidden from the police.


4. Pratidaan

This newly aired drama is a love story revolving around the lives of Neel, a spoilt brat and Shimuli, a gentle professor who decides to marry Neel to change his lifestyle. Neel is however unfamiliar to the fact that Shimuli is his childhood lover. Shimuli keeps her identity hidden and appear as Shiuli in front of Neel to get married to him. Their lives change after this.


5. Bhakter Bhogobaan Shri Krishna.

This is a mythological drama which narrates the entire story of Lord Krishna from It’s birth. Lord Krishna is the most important character in Mahabharata. Mythological lovers will surely love this serial as it showcases life of Shri Krishna perfectly.