With the advent of Inox, PVR and other such multiplexes, the business of the single screen theatres have comparatively gone down with most of them shutting down and others on the verge of it. While, some of these single screen theatres are still going good and has still kept their name intact. Watching movies in these theatres give you the same bliss as in any multiplexes.



Nandan is a heritage theatre which upholds the culture of Kolkata. Nandan is one of the venues where many Film Festivals take place. It has a wide screen with comfortable seating. The best thing about Nandan is that, they always screen movies which are worth your time especially award winners. The price of the tickets starts from INR 30 only which is extremely low compared to the entire ambience of the theatre. Nandan is also one of the hangout places for all age groups and they have a separate canteen too.



Priya has evolved as one of the most famous single screen theatre in Kolkata. Most of the Tollywood premiers take place in this uniplex. Although it gives more focus to Tollywood cinemas, it also showcases Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Priya is one of the best single screen theatre existing now in Kolkata. They have a wide screen with good quality sound.



Star Theatre is a heritage site of Kolkata. It was built way back in the 1880s and is one of the earliest theatres in Kolkata. It has been renovated after been destroyed in a fire. Star Theatre also stages plays. It has adjacent restaurants to enjoy your day.



Navina cinema is one of the finest uniplex of south Kolkata. It has comfortable seats, wide screen and great sound quality. They also offer snacks like that in multiplexes with comparatively cheaper prices. They showcase Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies too.