Experience snow this winter right here in Kolkata! Excited and puzzled? So were we when we heard about Snow Park. Snow Park, the newest member of the list of Parks in Kolkata and it offers one of the most thrilling experience to a Kolkatian, “Snow!”

snow park

Those days are gone when we had to spend a fortune to visit a hilly area just to experience snow.

“Where?” that is exactly what we asked when we came across this news. The place is not quite far and is within the limits of the city. Snow Park is located on the top floor of Axis Mall, Newtown, Kolkata.

What else do they offer?

The park is filled up with rides for children like Snow Slide, ski, Snow Football, Sleigh etc. There is a mini Eiffel tower and a snow sleigh with life-size Arctic wolves just to pose and get cool pictures.

polar bear

When around snow who can stop you from making snowball, snowman and snow castle? The place is well decorated with pine trees and wallpapers proper to the place.
Guess what else do they offer? Igloos!! Yes, you heard it right. The average temperature of the place is near to -6 degree, which is enough for the ambiance they are trying to create. A coffee/tea shop caters to the need of the hour, providing just the thing one needs with snow.



Snow Football


What is included in the package?

The normal package offered by the park gives you 1 hour of unlimited fun and access to every ride in the place. They also include jackets, shoes and gloves in the package as complimentary items. So, you need not carry them to Axis mall when you visit

The park is a Family park and is totally safe for kids. They also have a First Aid team ready in case of a mishap. The staffs are extremely helpful. Once you visit this place you will definitely want to come back again.




Address: Snow Park, AXIS Mall, Block No. B & C, 6th floor, Action Area – 1, New Town, CF Block(Newtown), Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata.