It’s always the beaches that make us feel calm and peaceful. The beach sees its hidden tranquility within our bones and make us feel the light hearted wind blowing around and the softness of the sand as we walk the shores.

The beautiful feeling of happiness and joy that comes when we play around with the water flowing back and forth. It teaches us a lot about life in general, the skies, the water, the sand, the flow and not to mention the open space allows the free movement of thoughts in our minds. Just like that we wish for a sea beach everywhere we go, we all love watching the sea.

So why not in Mumbai, the busiest place in India, the most crowded and with the most haphazard lives being survived by all in it. So, in Mumbai to get away from the crowd, to get away from the city while being in the heart of the city, to be amidst the sea breeze, smell of the sea water, salt and sand, well, definitely visit the Girgaum Chowpatty beach at Mumbai. There is more than just the simple things to enjoy in and around the place, its a gigantic sea beach that almost looks never ending with its white sand.

Crowd always the most trickle in size during the day, or the wee hours of the mornings whereas the evenings are just that jam-packed, so keep the plans accordingly. During monsoons in Mumbai, the high tides and water logging makes the place quite dangerous so its not a pretty sight or a good enough idea to risk visiting.

The best time though is around the time from winter to summer in between the months of October to March.

What to watch out for? The chilly breeze or the sweet summer wind makes it quite worth it! People, who visit Chowpatty Beach, can make a joyous headway with the dancing monkeys on the beach. There are the intriguing snake charmers that one finds entertaining huge crowds through their antics.

As well as the fortune tellers who willingly tell you quite a lot about your future with a little sum of money. During the evenings you can plan some rides on horse back or camels, let yourself experience the royal feeling. There are pretty merry-go-rounds, ferry wheels, beebee gun shooting galleries on the beach that make it more fun and sporting and several ways to keep you busy and also a good chance at a family picnic plans.

Otherwise you can just have some company and make yourselves comfortable on a mat and get some chatpatta bhel or the famous vadapav and admire the stars or sun in the winter.

A Romantic Getaway or a classic family picnic its all yours to pick from! So, do indulge yourself to this shore, bring peace and serenity into your minds and maybe spend some quality time with yourself, family and friends or that special someone.