Well, well, well, here’s something to salivate all your hearts from this super hot summer time in these vacations, looking for a fun time out of town and into the heart of a hill station? Here’s a good opportunity to grab on!

Recently the very rare kind of adventure and experience has been started over in Manali as there lies the country’s only ‘Igloo’. You can very well live your own all-time winter and snow dream, as you go skiing, chill and hike through alpine forests. All has started when Keylinga built two cute and beautiful looking igloos in Kullu Valley that gets covered in snow in extreme winters. It can take on around two inhabitants, ready to stay in at sub-zero temperatures with an added adventure sports like snow sledding, skiing, and other winter sports.

Planning on taking this trip? Do know that the maximum amount time that can be spent here is for two nights. You can see all the types and combos of offers and packages to find the one that best suits you. But know it that there shall be many contenders for this sweet and adventurous stay!

COST: If you’re worried about the money you will need to shell out for this, are you thinking it’s beyond your budget? Well, here’s the catch the whole one night stay is only for around INR 5,600, all with added – a short lesson in skiing as well as making your own igloo house. Inclusive of meals, hot water bottles, ski equipment and warm feather-stuffed sleeping bags. You don’t suppose to sleep on the floor now, do you!?

Cry not if you lose out on the chance to the igloos, you can always enjoy the snow capped mountains with its host of winter sports around the area all for INR 2,700. The facilitators there, are great experts as well as know the hills better than anyone else.

Details : Manali Igloo Stay

So, throw caution to the wind and embark on this adventurous journey!