Best street food of Ahmedabad
We have all heard the names of gujrati snacks that sounds like Beating the hell out of you
with food, for example- Khakhra, Dhokla , Thepla etc. But they are quite tasty and healthy at
the same time. If you are a vegetarian Gujrat is paradise of food for you. So without any
further ado let me give you a ride of some amazing places to eat if you are in Ahmedabad.
Well!! You’ve heard it right…A pizza outlet for gujrati style pizza. They have their stalls in
various street food corners and are loved by almost everyone. Their pizza base is small in size
and is crunchy with cheese dripping like a fountain. It is also sweet in taste but don’t cringe it
is worth the try. The main deal is its price, you wont even feel the pinch as it is very pocket
Law Garden
Law garden is the heart of Ahmedabad and is always crowded by Shopaholics, Foodies and
love Birds. It is the perfect place to tingle the taste buds for all. You can get a variety of
options to eat ranging from Italian, Chineese, Indian delights. If you are around this place
and are bored, this is the place for you. You can shop and also eat . The Pav Bhajis of the
street stalls are mouth watering and don’t forget to try Ashrafi’s famous Kulfis.
Om Sai Parantha
This place needs no special mention as people living in Ahmedabad has made this place an
Epitome of street food. Prior booking is a must if you want to taste their Parathas. This is a 5
star level food joint and everything they sell is absolutely fresh. The shop is run by 3 people-
Mom, Dad and son. Be sure to try their 5 in 1 paratha and their Cheese paratha.
Bhatiyar Gali
If you are a non vegetarian and are craving to have something meaty this is your go to place.
The street is located at Teen Darwaza in the old part of the city and it offers the best Fried
Fish and Rogan Josh and Keema Samosas. The biriyani is also lip smacking. So after eating
lots of vegetarian food this is the place that will satisfy your hunger for meat. The price is
also pocket friendly.
Das kaka’s Khaman Outlets
Khaman can be easily confused with Dhokla But it is the softier, jucier and tangier version
of it. It is served with freshly chopped onion , coriander and sev with toping of mustard
seeds. The shop started hundred years ago and the best thing is they still follow their
original receipe. The tamtam Khaman is a must have.
I already know that your mouth is watering so if you are in Ahmedabad, go and visit
these places and if you are not there don’t worry make it a point to visit these places when
you reach.