New Delhi the capital of India narrates many stories through the variety of street food it offers.
It is an absolute Paradise for street food lovers as it extends from sweet to tangy, which will lead your taste buds to be alive again. The Delhities are definitely not weak
hearted when it comes to their love for street food. Here are a few example that are a must
try if you are in the city.
Paratha Wala Gali
It is located in Chandni Chowk area and as the name suggests this place is Epitome of
paratha. The flavors they offer are absolutely exclusive and will give you dreams at night.
The parathas are strictly vegetarian and are really pocket friendly. A healthy splash of butter
and extravagant stuffing in the paratha makes it a best street food in Delhi.
Bishan Swaroop
Yet another treasure of Chandni Chowk, this is health and taste at its max. The average cost
for two is just Rs 50. They add various toppings to fruits and make them absolutely delicious.
Definitely try the fruit chaat with a glass of chilled lemon soda. This place is totally worth the
effort put in finding it.
Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar
If you are craving for an authentic Chaat then this is the place where you need to be.
It is located just opposite McDonalds in Chandni Chowk. The Gobi muttar samosas are a
must try which comes for around 80rs. The price is so pocket friendly that you can almost try
half their menu if you are with some friends.
Khandani Pakode wala
If you want to see the variety of Pakodas that can be made, go to Sarojini Nagar Ring Road
Market. This place is a heaven for Pakoda lovers and at given point at least 10 varities would
be available. The bread pakodas and the Paneer pakodas are must try. The prices are as low
as 10 to 12 rupees per pakodas.
It is one of the oldest shops founded in 1790. After all the oily street food everyone definitely
craves for a little sweets. It has satisfied every ones sweet tooth for decades and it is
currently run by the fifth generation of t he family. It is famous for the Sohan halwa and
Karachi Halwa along with Badaam barfi, Kalakand, Mootichoor ladoo.
This can definitely be said that Chandni Chowk is the best place to satisfy your hunger for
streer food. So the next time you are in the city don’t forget to try all this places.