Top 5 street food of Jaipur

JAIPUR is also known as “The Pink City”, The city of forts and palaces also known for its
love for street food. Rajasthani food are not only celebrated in the state itself but are
adored everywhere in the country. While visiting Jaipur if you have missed the street food,
trust me you have missed a lot about the culture and cuisine. So if you have plans visiting
this beautiful city don’t forget to try these places to eat.

1. Kaathi Roll at Al Bake

If you are in love with chicken this is one place you cannot miss eating. Their menu
comprises of a huge variety of swarma and tikka .It is located on the MI Road and is most
popular gor their Kaathi Roll. The place stays open till midnight and is very famous among
the youngsters. Do visit this place to have a mouthful of chicken paradise.

2.Pav Bhaji at Pandit’s

Who doesn’t love the taste of butter dripping Pav Bhaji? If you are among one of them
then this place is for you. The stall is located near Birla Mandir and has the best Pav Bhaji
in town and that also at a very nominal amount. The aroma of the freshly made Bhaji is so
heavenly that you are sure to forget your diet regime.

3.Chicken Tikka at Sethi Bar-Be- Que

This is also another place where you can fulfill all your chicken fantasies. If you are
anywhere near Raja Park don’t forget to check this place out as they are famous for their
Lahsooni Chicken Tikka and Haryali Chicken Tikka. It is styled as a Dhaba and don’t be
surprised to see long queues as people prefer buying and eating in their cars.

4.Lassi at Lassiwala

If you thought that only Punjabis can prepare Delicious glass of lassi , Well this place will
definitely prove you wrong. The Lassiwala is located on the MI Road. Like any regular lassi
shop you get 2 varities of lassi as in sour and sweet variant, But what sets this apart from
the rest is that the lassi is served in earthen Pots which provides a different aroma and feel
to the lassi all together. They have been serving lassi since 1944, so you can blindly trust
on them. But make sure to visit early as most of the days they sell out pretty fast.

5.Kulfi at Bapu Bazaar

Who doesn’t love kulfi ? From weeding’s to dinner parties or simple at home ,we all adore
this Indian desert. So when you are in Jaipur don’t forget to visit Shop number 28 on Link
Road at Bapu Bazaar. This shop is always crowded and once you’ve tried their faluda kulfi
,you will know why..