This cafe in south Mumbai serves more than 300 types of tea. With so many coffee shops around, tea had taken a step back. Tasse de The has brought back the charm of tea in the city.

It is a Cafestaurant which also serves amazing food and desserts. The Fort is decorated in an elegant and classy style.




The place is very elegantly decorated with pastel colour walls, intricate designs of royalty, comfortable chairs and well lit lights. The colour and decoration fill up the place extraordinarily creating a Persian ambianceTasse de The covers a huge area of 3200 sq. km. Their menu is quite interesting with interesting names given to the food items.





Their so many variants of Tea is something to look forward for the Chai lover in you. This gives a relief from the regular milk tea and gives you the taste of different variations of your favourite beverage. Some of the variations served are Black Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea ‘ J’s Blend and other types of Iced Tea.




Apart from the variants of Tea, Tasse de The also offers variety of foods to have while sipping tea. They have  an extensive breakfast menu like Hakuna Matata, Mrs. Robinson, Eye of the Tiger, Stavin’ Rosti, City of Stars to name of a few of their morning delicacy. This is a pure vegetarian restaurant and they also serve Jain food.




They also have variants of soups, appetizers, salads and of the mains there are differenet types of veg delicacies like Bohemian Rhapsody, New Kid in Town, Your Song, Ramble on to name some from the rich menu.





On desserts they have on the menu like Save the Last Song For Me, Hero, I’ll Always Love you and other such interesting names.




Tasse de The also serves Smoothies, Mocktails and fresh fruit Juices. 






Apart from serving well they also have their exotic range of tea, mugs, cutlery sets, candles on sale for the customers.


Address: Islam Building, Ground Floor, Veer Nariman Street, Fort, Mumbai.

Call: 022 62373727, 022 62374757