A mind to think differently, a mind to state your own conclusions, Science city  or North Bengal Science Centre has all the answers for all you’re out of the box questions your kids asks you about. This is a must to visit place for a perfect weekend where you can give your child a platform to educate and also relax.

Not only your child but you can also check your interests. The experiments that your child studies in the syllabus and excited to check it live, here is the place to perform. There are different set ups that holds on your interests and makes you rephrase and rethink your ideas. This  is specifically an educational park and people from all age groups can find his/her interests and make a learning in science through live experiments which is related to everyday life.

The biggest interest that lies in Science City is the story of the giant dinosaur. One of the biggest reasons for people to flock here is the dinosaur dummies and knowing their life story.

North Bengal Science Centre is famous for its planetarium and the day out activities. Walking through the simple yet beautiful path one surely wonders what’s in store for them inside. The outside path stores many common and interesting applications of science like Nipkov’s Disc followed by perception of depth, Eco tube, Periscope and so on. Inside the complex there are further scientific equipment’s in display and some simple yet confusing machines which teach one further about the applications of science. The actual fun starts when one enters the digital planetarium which plays a very engaging and enthralling astronomical show. It also has a Nature Interpretation Centre.

The Science Centre also shows many science drama, science seminars, lectures and programs. It also gives an insight of the biological diversity of the region and houses many flora and fauna existing in the Siliguri ranges. There is also an artificial forest in the Science Centre. One can also enjoy the cafeteria there which provides variety of options for the people.

Tickets: INR 50/head
Location: Matigara
Timings:10:30AM-6PM everyday