I still remember myself gobbling up hot chicken momos with my cousins at Hill Cart road on a busy evening. That has always been my constant memories with Siliguri for this is the momo’s paradise. My first visit to this pleasure town was in 1995 and Siliguri was then a fantasy for me, as I knew whenever I am here, I would surely make it to a new hill station and will have a new destination to describe in my holiday homework.

Buying an imported school bag and be the power girl among classmates was always fulfilled as and when I visited Hong Kong market. Hong Kong Market has always been famous for imported shopping, may it be a school bag of newest fashion or a sports shoe to the most colorful umbrella, everything here was an eye catcher which would not be available in the normal markets.

Sitting on one of the window seats and enjoying the steam engine ride to Darjeeling had been a reward for me if I fared well in my upcoming examination for it was then one of the rarest adventure and the most thrilling one. Siliguri has always been a land of experiences, not only for people of Bengal but across the world. People from various cities and countries came here in order to pay a visit to Darjeeling , Sikkim, Bhutan and many more as it has been considered the gateway of adventure.

Sunrise from Tiger Hill in Darjeeling or a Yak ride on the snowcapped Tsomgo  lake in Sikkim these have always excited me and it still remains my most cherished childhood memories.